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  1. i am trying to make minecraft in blender found a rig

    andy tips thanks
  2. P.S when i am done i will put up a video of it :D
  3. ...I put you up to nothing?
    Oh, and for your blender... Use piston clocks with either glass or iron being pushed. It looks a lot like a blender in my opinion. :)
  4. trying to make a into for direwolf20
  5. i think he means a totally different blender... like the 3d animation program... as in not a machine for blending things...
    rig's mean skeletons and such in 3d animation apps. I could be totally wrong of course
  6. I have a tendency to not read things properly. But still, blenders are cool.
    So my point is still valid... just in a different way. (I tried using the Blender program once. It didn't work, I couldn't figure it out. So much for my Creation Experience...)
  7. if you havent tried it in a while its supposed to be easier than a while back. either way there a plenty of tutorials these days - give it another go! :)

    ( I havent used it seriously in 3 years or so, I gave up as Im a programmer and only enjoyed the python scripting aspect! programmers cant do art! )
  8. that it :D