Blaze Trap Help

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  1. So, I have a Blaze Spawner trap on SMP9, it is of the Etho's Lab Design (somewhat). However, I do not know since I won it in an auction. I was trying to add in a function that allowed the Blazes to be "suffocated" to low health. After building and testing, I realized it wouldn't work. Soo I went to remove it, and something broke and the Blazes got free in the kill chamber. I am looking for somebody who is adept with this and could create one relatively quickly. I have all materials, and will gladly just start over if the need arises. (Frankly I think that would be easier.)

    My payment to you is negotiable.

  2. Talk to AlexChance or kilmannan, both of them have mob grinder businesses.
  3. I know, Alex doesn;t do blaze
  4. Than kilmannan is your guy!
  5. I thought that he very recently added blaze...
    Maybe he will only do one spawner? I would contact him just in case.
  6. It is only 1 spawner. I will get in touch with Kilmannan
  7. I do blazes, contact me in a PM.
  8. i will fix your grinder for free on my single player i have a double blaze grinder of Etho's design!