Blaze Spawner?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pokedude987, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know the location of a Blaze Spawner on smp2? I have a really neat idea for a trap and I would like to build it on smp2 for community use, yet I cannot find a spawner. Anyone have cords for one?
  2. I know a few have been destroyed by inconsiderate players, maybe next time you are on, ask in general chat if someone knows the location of one and would they mind showing you :)
  3. Hope this works out better than asking around for blaze dungeons or the End on smp1. So many secrets. I understand the fear of grievers destroying the spawners, but saying that it would "ruin their price" is just an unacceptable argument. Blazes aren't the soft fuzzy type, so sharing the locations may be better.
  4. Well, if I can get a blaze spawner I'd be able to make a community EXP trap.
  5. Unfortunately, even with good intentions, there will always be someone out to destroy your hard work. Good luck with your plans though! :)
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  6. I know of one but its in the safe zone -_-
  7. Suggestion, find it and rig it full of snow golems, they will destroy the blazes.
    1. Gather snow and Pumpkins
    2. Build a pumpkin farm in the nether
    3. Build snow golems around the spawn
    4. Unleash the fury of snowballs
    5.Gather snow and loot after
    This can make a Blaze Grinder
  8. You should do it on your res, or at Least ask Justin if he could protect it also snow golems don't work on empire!
  9. Newo, you cant do blaze grinding on your lot as they will not spawn since mobs dont appear in town. As for snow golems, I believe they work in the wild but since they are treated as a mob by the game they cannot spawn in town.
  10. Still it would be worth a try asking Justin to protect that ( all that snow I wasted just in the wrong place :( )
  11. It would aslo be good For anouther reason as blaze rods a fairly expensive and threw a large demand that I've seen over chat