Blaze spawn broken?

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  1. So i made a blaze grinder... it's not working.

    I heard the mobs are glitched?

    Anyone know more?
  2. They are broken. It is being worked on I believe. Mobs are not moving until they have a reason to. Blazes used to wander and so they got pushed down by the trap. Same thing is happening happening with animals. Watch them for a bit - they just stand there.
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  3. The blazes in the grinder i use just hover in mid air
  4. Thanks for the update. I just finished completely making a new one since my other one got griefed awhile ago.
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  5. Anytime :)
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  6. This isssss torrtureeee!! I'm so far away from the spawn... 30 minute speed trips are frustrating, ya know? Grr... At least I have nether wart..
  7. Need help, also what smp?
  8. You can compensate for the blaze issues with your design. Come out to LLO and check out our blaze grinders. They are very fast, and I have not seen a blaze get stuck yet. The new design, used in our dual, is what you would want to make.
    Let me know if you need help getting there, or if a video would help. The design is loosely based on ethos, but it is much faster. Just don't let it sit for long or you will come back to 1300 blaze per spawner like what happened this morning.
  9. I have the same problem. I am part of LLO. Can you show me LZ?
  10. Absolutely. I will not be on for a while yet, as I'm still stuck at work, but if you find SecretAznEks, Gremlindan, NoobOfEpicness, roblikescake, etc. any of those guys should be able to help you find the grinders as well.
    When I can, I will take a fraps recording of the design and post it.
  11. Actually, I think I have the dual built with the new design on my single player test world HERE
    Unzip and place in your .minecraft\saves directory. Load "TEST" in single player. The dual is the example that you should be looking at. They are only staggered like that because that is the exact offset of the one we built for LLO.
  12. My Ethos is an exact replica (albeit prettier). I'm in the Nether with hopes it'll be fixed soon. Can you reply, or PM the differences to save me the run?
  13. Sure easy enough, the differences are simple:
    -3 rings of stickies. (instead of the two... this allows use of the full 8x8 spawn area for the blaze)
    -Full 8x8 spawning area for the blaze (no pillars, and no missing corner pieces)
    -No pressure plates! (The pressure plates cause stuck pistons around the corners)
    -Use a single clock to time all cone pistons (because we no longer use pressure plates)
    -Have a clock reset lever installed (This is your cone master switch used to reset the clock if it gets stuck)

    That's about it, so the first ring would be 8 pushers on one side, 8 on the opposite side, and 6 on the two remaining sides. Time the circuit so that the longer lines push first (at the same time) then a tick or two later the smaller ones push (at the same time as each other). This way you don't get blazes stuck in the corners (if all four sides push at the same time, blazes will get stuck in the corners still, which is why we stagger.

    Also I should note that you should always use glass for the pushers. All of them, except the two suffocation blocks. This will avoid accidental suffocation.

    Let me know if I need to be more clear on any detail.
    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Also, note that I have a good example world linked above. This is the exact build out at our LLO nether outpost.
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  14. Someone stated that the floating blazes were a bug from the latest craftbukkit.. (im not sure myself, could anyone verify this?)
    Would that make this build unneccessary to build as soon as an update/patch comes out?
    If it is a bug in craftbukkit, when can we expect a fix?
  15. @blood: Well this build, regardless would be faster.

    @LZBZ: Wow, that is a lot more detailed than I was expecting. I appreciate the thoroughness.
  16. Awesome, glad you found it useful. I should mention that the bottom section (suffocation area) is still using the exact ethos design, since it leaves little to no room for improvement.