Blaze Grinder Sticky-Piston Donation

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  1. First off, this is not a trade. This is me asking for donations which I am willing to trade a little bit back for(not many, maybe 32) blaze rods for 24 stcky pistons. Please dont post comments saying this a rip off, just think of this as if you are donating, and I am paying you back a tiny bit. Thanks!
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  2. Fine I wont comment. :rolleyes:
  3. Sheesh, Another donate thread.
  4. The road to pistons:

    1. Go to the wild.
    2. Mine/collect/kill as much as you like.
    3. Sell it all to 4005 SMP2.
    4. Earn the rupees^ and buy sticky pistons from my yellow floor.
    5. Buy your stuff like everyone else does and don't ask for donations like this again. :)
  5. If anybody else wants to post critiscism, just leave and forget about this thread. I've decided to change the offer; I'll give 32 diamonds to the the person who gives me 24 sticky pistons.
  6. Sorry, we dont tolerate any form of begging!
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  7. Didn't i just clearly say not to post criticism? Infact now this isn't a donation this is a trade. Don't even reply to this thread unless your willing to make the trade.
  8. Make it 40 diamonds and you have a deal.
  9. You posted on the EMC forums, which is public. Don't post if you cant handle it.
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  10. In biting my tongue on this :)
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  11. It's not nice though if you don't respect his wishes. You are only posting to CONTINUE to put him down.
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  12. I was just explaining why people react the way they do, he just took it wrong:)
  13. Thank you for not being like all the others and criticising me.
  14. you put ME down
  15. I am not putting you down. I am correcting your mistakes., which there are many of, SO YOU DON'T MAKE THEM AGAIN. And I am not the only one who thinks this because you have like 700 posts and less than one out of every five gets a like. It's not because we don't like your username, it is because your random, unnecessary and mistake filled posts.