Blakedjdm is a Mean person

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  1. A: THIS IS NOT A BAN REQUEST. I know he will not be banned.

    Blakedjdm is really mean because today, loneranger99 (i think thats his name) Announced he was selling diamond for 2r. We all know that that is the best deal of the century, so we typed in his name to go to his shop. Blaked was the first one there, and he didn't save any for the rest of us. He bought ALL the diamonds and held them in his hand to rub it in our faces. He said he now had 90 diamonds, and when we asked how many he bought. He said he bought 30, but after we gave him disapproving smiley faces in the chat, he said 5 (Total Lie) I think his account should be submitted for review by the mods or temp banned at the least for rude and impolite behavior.
  2. So what exactly did he do wrong? There are no rules saying he cannot buy and there is no rule saying he cannot buy until the stock is gone. While you all may not LIKE that he got them all, he has done nothing wrong in my book. As for holding them in his hand, if that was the slot they went too, what was he to do?
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  3. As you said, this was a great deal and all he did was take advantage of it. In this case, nothing wrong was done.
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  4. I was there when this happened, saw the drama unfold, and just had to shake my head.

    Forget the diamonds. Give me iron.. or cobblestone. I could really use cobble. :cool:
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  5. Another thing, i realized this wasn't rule breaking BUT..... iTron was banned yesterday for PVP and blakedjdm was with him, pretending to side with me and vvanted11 but also leading iTron to set us on fire by indicating where we were. He also took sides with iron (after Dark_Liz's Ban hammer struck down) and said that I caught HIM on fire, where my death, loss of items (iTron stole them) and vvanted11's flaming body were completely caused by him in assisting to dig out the wall we made protecting us from him as we were digging out.
  6. I agree with you!

    I just saw some guy buying the last cobblestone from a shop on SMP1 - can a mod please ban him? Or atleast submit his account for review!

    And if the above isnt enough - i'll start digging up ALL the bad things i can find about him!

    I think i saw him running in town the other day! Is that even ALLOWED? I mean - he could have ran into someone - Thats PVP Right?


    I say we ban him!!!11!!111332!!