Black Wool? anyone?

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  1. Baa Baa Black sheep where are you?
    I really would like about 4 stacks
    Or black dye would be great also!

    Please contact me on smp7 or here on the forums
  2. 3456 SMP2 or possibly 4421 SMP2 :)
  3. i have stacks as well on smp4 if you need. let me know.
  4. An even better idea if you are patient:
    Get some (at least two) black sheep (you can dye white sheep wih an ink sac)
    Breed them like mad
    Shear 'em all over and over (make sure they are in a grassy area) until you have enough. Saves lots of rupees, but not necessarily time.
  5. If all else fails, i have about 6 stacks on smp5 i am willing to part with for a small fee. :)