Black or White? - Apps - cool cases / bumpers

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Black or White iPhone 4s

Black 4 vote(s) 80.0%
White 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. I don't want to start any discussions here; "X" versus Apple or about Apple,
    ( I am on a Samsung Wave 3 at this moment )
    but I still don't really know what color to pick when I'm gonne buy my iPhone, any1 here has good reasons why they would choose the color they mention? :)
    The reason why I am going to buy an iPhone is because my Touch is getting old its a 2nd gen. I hardly have space on it since its an 8gb version , can't folow the tech Im still running on 4.2
    (talking about tech, Mountain lion will work perfect with my new iPhone then :D) and it's screen is actually getting broke, so I'm getting a screen prot without a doubt and prolly some sort of bumper/case

    Oh and I'm sure there are other ppl who have an iPhone here, incase u know some apps that are just a must-have let me know

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  2. If I were ever to buy an iPhone—which I won't for reasons I won't go into here as you didn't want that kind of discussion—I would go with black. Why? I think black is a "tougher/manlier" color. :p Yes, I'm that vain, and color is usually about vanity or personal preference anyway, eh?
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  3. 95% black, I just hoped more ppl would answer and some1 with an explenation about White :D
    Anyway thanks for your reply ;P n not starting a dicussion ^^
  4. Black, white will probably get dirty pretty fast... but... the black one will probably get a lot of finger prints:rolleyes:
  5. Which equip these days won't get fingers at all =D
    Sounds logic a screen prot won't make as many finger prints as the glass itself?
  6. My friend has a black & white case and it looks badass. I believe the original case is white.
  7. Ordering one 2moro - Black obv ;p might keep the iPhone n*ked, just screen protectors prolly