Black Ops 3 Beta

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  1. Hey guys, I managed to get my hands on the Black Ops 3 beta and was wondering if there were
    any other lucky people to accomplish that?
    I also just want to talk about the new gameplay mechanics and what-not whilst we're here.

    First off, my specialist is the one with the bow (forget her name) and I love the bow! Vision Pulse is also quite handy/awesome because you can see the enemies, but I get shot anyway ;-;
    My favourite weapon has to be the Man o' War. This gun is amazing and I shall love it for all of Black Ops 3's existence (unless they nerf it in the full version). The new melee takes 2 hits to kill so... meh... its okay. I would also like to mention that apparently you can break people's noses with this new mechanic.
    ALSO! Wall run. You're so original treyarch ;)
    On a serious note though, its awesome. Apart from when you run into another player and you fall off -.-"

    Anyway, that's been my experience of the Beta, what are your guys' experience? :3
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  2. I hope it's better than cod ghost and advanced warfare, lol. I want a cod game that takes longer that 4 hours to beat story mode lol. And one where the dlcs are free and maps are big. And not future wars they look funny.
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  3. wat
  4. I got a code from a friend and have enjoyed it so far. It doesn't hurt that I'm not terrible at the game, like I was in Ghosts and AW.
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  5. lel
  6. I've been playing it since yesterday (after they opened it to all PS4 players) and have been enjoying it very much. I'm a 34 as of right now and using the Reaper specialist. Snipers are also my weapon of choice, even though they have minimal aim assist, it's very satisfying to get a kill with them or go on a small streak. Really glad they pushed the end time for the beta till 10pm PST tomorrow. Overall i'm having a lot of fun, looking forward to November (or whenever it comes out...)
  7. I'm okay at it, the highest I've came is 3rd or 2nd. I was meant to get AW for Christmas but I didn't, since then I just haven't bothered buying it.

    I still have access to the beta. Then again, I do live in the UK so I guess they wouldn't end it at 6AM/7AM for EU players.
  8. Like all recent Call of Duty games, I don't think that I will buy it... The games haven't been as good as they could have been for a while now. Black Ops2 was the last game I enjoyed, and before that it was MW2, MW2 still probably being my favourite game. I hope that they go back and make a WW2 game again (like all original CODs were).
  9. I'm on vacation so I haven't played it but I've been watching closely. From what I've seen I really like Prophet's Tempest and Glitch. HVK-30 is my favorite since it reminds me of the famas