Black Ops 2 Pre-order Delivery times?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mrsmiley99, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. So I pre-order Black Ops II a couple weeks back and put all home details and stuff so its getting delivered. But how long after it comes out, will i get it? Will it come first day?

  2. Day of release, probably.
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  3. Unless something happens to retard the delivery, it is usually day of release. I always just go get mine the morning of and never run into any issues.
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  4. same if i preorder from a JB-Hifi in my state?
  5. I pre-ordered mine late September and it was dispatched today (Monday 12th) and if royal mail doesn't mess it up then it should be here by tomorrow
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  6. I got it today :D

    But havn't got the double XP thing!
  7. :O We will it comes with it on Nuketown 2025 code ;) Same
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  8. Anyone PS3?
  9. My friends got it but I don't have a Ps3 so I can't play it :(

  10. Me!
  11. Add me!
    You can do it all lowercase it still works :p
  12. I'm not playing very well..
  13. Me either! But screw it
  14. Ok ;) Do you know how to play Nuketown 2025?
  15. I have PS3 and XBOX, but my Gold membership has expired and I don't have enough money to buy gold membership and Halo4 and Cod 8
  16. Playing it now :p
  17. How? I've pre-ordered the game..
  18. Open the case, inside behind the instructions is the code goto playstation store bottom of the menu, click redeem code. Enter the code their on the back of the leaflet then download it takes about 10 min and go to multiplayer click play match or something then scroll to the bottom: Nuketown 2025, Moshpit and its random on the GM
  19. Ok, I'll try :D Which country are you from?