Black Ops 2 Emblem Requests

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  1. Hey guys.

    So, my roommate is pretty awesome at making insanely good looking Emblems for Black Ops 2. We want to start a channel on Youtube which shows not only emblems but tutorials on how to make them. We need some suggestions on what to go on, so make your requests here (if possible show a picture you'd like it to mimmick as well). For example, if you say pikachu, show a picture of pikachu as well. I'll post results of ones he decides to do here. :)
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  2. Make really cool ones. Such as cartoon characters the best would be an EMC one!

  3. I have an idea as to what to make.
    Big headed? nah
  4. Can you post a bigger image of that please?
  5. Slight bigger one.
    I think that's the best I can do, sorry about that :(
  6. Something like...

  7. Should be fine.
  8. Something like this:


    Or this:
  9. Completely off topic but my friends call me pikachu for some reason. Apparently i look like ash because i have big eyes (there not really big) :p
  10. Spreading your wonderful creations via Xbox Live. :D
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  11. Ps3
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  12. Anyone else? We're recording some now, so if you want something done, hopefully we can get some up on Youtube this week. :)
  13. ICC what system?
  14. We're doing it on Xbox 360, but it should work the same for any.
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  16. I like that better than his actual pic haha.

    Props to your roomie
  17. haha wow that is pretty sweet :)
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  19. Maybe a picture of a bloody wing that looks like its been hunted