Black Ops 2 Clan[XBOX360

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  1. So, me and CC7 are starting a BO2 clan called EMC. To join just post and friend me on Xbox360 at DaXt3r and CC7 at Blank8234
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  2. wee lil bump
  3. Yup I figured I'd need a few people to contain my MAD skillz... My K/D is like .56 ...
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  4. Come on ppl, out of all us gamers there has to be someone on BO2 that wants to join a clan
  5. Sounds good, will add soon.
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  6. Awesome, Our tag infront of our names are EMC
  7. Are you CausedAxe? Or did I just accept some random guys friend request O.O
  8. Nope, still RainbowChin.
    Forgot to add yesterday, will do so later.
  9. Lol okay then... I'm gonna go unfriend that guys :confused:Until I figure out who it is anyway...
  10. Probably thinks ur good or something. Probably or something now that I think about it.
  11. Lol... Some kid sent me a request while playing SnD, and I sent him something like "Why?"...
    And he's like "Ur good" and then I was like... "Look at my K/D... You'll see differently..."
  12. I will try to join. How much does elite cost again?
  13. They no longer sell Elite Memberships.
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  14. add me im haviox (duhh) i just want to see hoe good you are i have my own clan TrT but i might join yours i havent been getting members to busy recently
  15. Elite is free... I just joined last night...
    Hehe... I'm not that good...
  16. i will join gamertag: FaTaL x TiMeS
  17. Halo 4... That's it... Add me :) Brisignr34

    I don't play cod but I might eventually cause zombies sounds fun
  18. I'll join. My gamertag is MeRk x HuNtEr. Don't judge me, MeRk was a clan.
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  19. I will join but i dont remember my gamertag right now :p its one of the random generated ones so its obscure.
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  20. Ah so that's who you :) Welcome :)