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    So yeah, I'm starting a mall building service. I can do the malls fairly quickly, but usually I like to make a design in single player first. I'd say the whole mall would take 1-3 weeks, maybe more maybe less.
    Why Choose Me?
    Well, I have quite a bit of experience from building TONS of malls in single-player.
    Im afraid I can't give any screenshots of my work because I deleted that world after finding the perfect
    design for 509.
    -[Regular Size Plot (60x60)]-
    You Supply:
    I Supply:

    -[Utopian Size Plot(120x120)]-
    You Supply:
    I Supply:
    *If you are interested in my service PM me on the forums*
  2. Can we have screens of just some of your builds?
  3. I can build a place in 2 days and finish it. I finished nick_Godoys mall in 2 days and received 70,000. :p
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  4. Who supplyed? I can easily do huge stuff in a couple days if i didnt supply :p
  5. We need a little more credibility. Please post screenshots of ANYTHING that is mall related :D
  6. sorry to sound kinda mean but your advertising that you can do better than bucky on his thread :p
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  7. All the pics are to large, sorry, if you want I could whip up another mall design on creative?
  8. I need to do something like this to earn rupees :p
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  9. haha, or you can buy my service and make money from a mall? :p
  10. Why don't you upload to Imgur?
  11. Not sure how to, but once again you can look at 509 for my mall
  12. Just go to imgur.com and upload them.
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  13. 509 is actually a pretty sweet mall
  14. Agreed.