{ BK Inc. } Mall Building And Signature Making Service

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  1. Hello Sirs And Madams,

    I'm making malls and signature art. Before you say "Well Bucky, How Much Does This Cost?", here's some of my work:

    Mall Service Examples:

    Signature Art Examples:


    Mall Service:

    You Supply : 60k+ {Depending On Size Requested}

    I Supply : 80k+ {Depending On Size And Materials}

    Signature Art Service:
    1k For Professionally Done Artwork

    How To Order

    For A Mall:

    {Who Supplies}

    {Desc. About How You Want It}

    For Signature Art:

    {Name You Want On It}
    {Screenshot Or Animated} *You Choose Screenshot*
    {What You Want It To Say}
    {Anything Else} *Desc, etc.*


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  2. Hey, I love those signatures! Did the owners pay for them, or did you just make them as examples?
  3. Examples for my friends :)

    You're really good as well!
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  4. World of Keralis building..
    Nice signatures tho :D
  5. I build on World Of Keralis, also Minecraft Furniture Server. Both exclusive :D
  6. I made more art, check the link :)
  7. {Name You Want On It} flamingpotato42
    {Screenshot Or Animated} *You Choose Screenshot* animated
    {What You Want It To Say} 15055 Pinwheel Department Store, have it say smp 7 on it somewhere, empire repair team founder and ERT fund manager
    {Anything Else} *Desc, etc.* Futuristic look with green lettering
  8. {Name You Want On It} :Homer71171
    {Screenshot Or Animated} *You Choose Screenshot* : Make the background cool I guess :p I don't know what to put.
    {What You Want It To Say} : I want it to say "Owner Of The 9132 Mall" and have smp4 somewhere on it.
    {Anything Else} *Desc, etc.* : Nothing really, like I said before make it look awesome.
  9. Two more sigs done, more examples :)
  10. For Signature Art:

    {Name You Want On It} ToriDesu
    {Screenshot Or Animated} *You Choose Screenshot* Screenshot
    {What You Want It To Say} 1386 SMP1 Horse Farm and shop
    {Anything Else} *Desc, etc.* If you could make add a few horses? I can supply them if need be, also if I like the style, may I order a separate icon?
  11. You can also order a profile pic for an additional 1k. I need the screenshot attached
  12. I'll get the screenshot in by tomorrow