Bittersweet News

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  1. My baby girl was born on Saturday June 2, 2012! Her name is Marley Lynn, she weighed in at 7lbs 13oz and 20 1/2 inches long. She came a week early but both her and mommy are doing great! With this excellent news comes some sad news. I have cancelled my supporter subscription due to the baby being born. I'm saddened that I will not be able to visit EMC as often as I did before, and that extra $10 a month can buy a pack of diapers if needed. I still love EMC and support Justin and Jeremy in everything they do, I just have started a new chapter of my life and will need to focus on that. :)
  2. Congrats man. Don't go to far, you need to teach your kid eventually how to claim a res...well maybe in some years to come, but you get the idea. :p
  3. Congratulations, Goodluck with the next stage of your lives. I am sure all of us hope it goes well :)
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  4. Have her play Minecraft with you.
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  5. Not to mention you'll need to teach her to join
  6. Wow, congratulations. :) And good luck!
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  7. Gratz man!

    I hope ya'll are the happiest people on earth right now!

    *Silently waits for a picture*
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  8. I will most definitely teach her how to play when the time comes! My son already knows what all the mobs are called and most of the mining materials! But here is a pic. :)
  9. I just broke my mouse from spamming Like so much..
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  10. Haha Thanks! :)
  11. Cute! :)

    And yes - I've always believed that having your kids do MC mining is alot more giving then having them do the dishes!
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  12. Its not even just Minecraft, but not saying all games. There are plenty of good games that are appropriate for younger ones , while still challenging and making them think in a positive and fun setting.
  13. He could use Minecraft to teach his kids math, and some other things. :p
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  14. You could teach them how to make cake for me!
  15. I could... If I even knew how :eek:
  16. just keep her away from baby villagers. i heard they like to troll.
    also make sure to not take her cave-exploring with you until you light it up ;)