Bites science story extravaganza!!1!

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  1. K guys the recent black hole thread and the other story contest got me interested in this.

    I want yall to write me some stories or poems with a science fiction theme. I want them submitted as documents tho, super official like but this way it wont be a wall of text all over this thread. I will pick two winners in two months from the start date (6/9/13)
    to be clear, winners will be chosen august 9th.

    some rules:
    1. there is no size limit although I will copy the winner into minecraft books so it may be divided into chapters. I would however like a minimum of 10 sentences/verses.

    2. Please stick to a science fiction theme this article explains what that means a little better then I can:

    3. Please do not plagarise as I have read alot of sci-fi and it will likely be noticed and invalidate your entry.

    All participants will receive a copy of the first place winners book(s)

    1st place: 10,000 (enough for a new vault page aww yeah)
    2nd place: 3,000

    Some hints to help you win:

    I know a thing or two about a considerable amount of science inaccuracy may be noticed and will affect your score.
    I love a good plot twist
    I love dystopian futures/pasts
    I enjoy hemingwayesque descriptions (detail detail detail)

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  2. Black hole Poem:

    There once was a black hole
    That bite fell in
    Bite found some coal!
    Then he had to grin

    In that hole he found diamond
    With that diamond tools he made
    And with those tools he became the rank dymond! (Dymond: name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #20272)
    And then he went home with aid.

    Well at least I tried xD
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  3. starts today