Bit late but 100 days on EMC later

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  1. Hi people, im Louiskw and today marks 100 days of me being on EMC.
    I landed up here in the empire purely by chance: just bought minecraft and heard that servers were cool so I looked up "best mc servers" and tried everyone until I found one that was well explained and seemed like the best. Anyways on EMC I started out selling cobble in 50 stack units. This made me alot of rupees (my first 3k) as well as store connections and friends.
    Then I expanded...and expanded...and expanded. Built a massive shop and sold the things I could sell. This took me into the 10k regions where I got ambitious and tried to become one of those stock everying stores. Anyway, few weeks later I got a message from smile3 who told me to bring supplies to the wild where he was. I did and found out that he had found a stronghold. Between us we opened the portal and climbed in. I started taking people to the end and met torarey who was keen to go. We took the portal back to the wild and he got dumped in some random place aaaaages away. On his way back he found a dungeon. I showed him how to harness it and we got our first XP farm. We went on to get a couple of dual farms and skeleton farms and blaze farms and eventually I got to where I am now.

    45k later from when I was standing in a dirt res wondering how much I could sell dirt for. i have made friends, some enemies and made what I think is a valid contribution to SMP6.

    Thank you to everyone. Even if I have never met you you have probably helped me in some way.
  2. The Maze Contest :3
  3. Were u stuck there with me?