Biscuit's AMA!

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  1. Hey guys! As of now I am at 1,000 posts and this means I have received all 128 of my trophy points. In celebration I am having an Ask Me Anything. Please post your questions below and I will answer them accordingly. These last 1,000 have been great. LLE Long Live the Empire!
  2. If you could commit one crime without being caught, what would it be?
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  3. Favorite Color (colour)
    Favorite Food
    Favorite Beverage
    Favorite Movie
    Favorite Band
    Favorite Song
    Favorite Game
    Favorite Sport
    Favorite Sports Team
    Favorite Book
    Shorts are Pants
    Collared Shirts or T-Shirts
    Shoes or Sandals
    Hair Color
    Animated or Real-life (regarding shows)
    Favorite Font Type
    Favorite School Subject
    Favorite Animal
    Favorite Mythical Creature
    Dog or Cat
  4. If you could visit 1 place in the world, where would you go?
  5. Grand Larsony

    Grilled Chicken Parm Hero
    Hangover/Step Bros.
    Scientist - Coldplay
    Minecraft DUH!
    Football (American kind)
    NY Giants
    Comic Sans.... lol jk Times New Roman

    Bari, Italy
  6. Didn't answer some questions. :( Coldplay <3 And boo Giants. ;)
  7. They are better than YOUR team *cough*
  8. MY team beat the Giants twice last year. ;)
  9. Was it in the playoffs? Nope. :p
  10. Green and Math
  11. Are you interested in a degree that takes a lot of math?
  12. I love math I am captain of my schools mathletes and it's the only subject I don't have trouble staying awake in.
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  13. So, engineering?
  14. What college to do you plan on going to. And what career do you plan on pursuing?
  15. My dad is a civil engineer. Do you live in NY?
  16. I don't know I am going to all different College Expos this fall and am taking my SAT's as well.
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  17. Pretty close. Michigan. I have friends in NY. Architecture would be another good job.