Birthday Party

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  1. Hey guys, on the 9th of October I turned 14 :)
    So, seeing I haven't been on much lately, I'm throwing a birthday party!
    Everyone is invited, and there will be some games too!

    When: From now, for 1-2 hours (Not sure when I'll need to go.)
    Where: Residence 13069 on smp6 (Candy Land)
    What to bring: A plate of food! :p

    Looking forward to seeing people there!!

    EDIT: Everyone who attends is automatically entered into the 10,000r lottery.
    It will be drawn in exactly 3 hours from now.
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  2. ill miss it :( i have to be somewhere then :(

    happy birthday!
  3. Thanks! its ok :p
  4. how many people showed? this thread is empty...
  5. This thread is empty no more :D
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  6. Happy birthday.
  7. 6 people, plus 4 who were online smp6 already bahaha :p
    Thanks Soul :)
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  8. happy birthday
  9. Thanks!
  10. Happy birthday.
    Ps to bad I missed it