Birthday Fireworks!

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  1. Hey all,

    I've been planning to hold a birthday fireworks show for EMC for a while. The time has come! The show will be held at 201 on smp1 at (hopefully) 8:15 EST. Please come to 201 (smp1) and back up across the street for viewing, or head to the double-size residence next door. If 8:00 doesn't work for some reason, I'll post updates in this thread. Come see and enjoy!

    P.S. The more TNT I have, the longer the show, so please consider donating to the donation chest at 201. Thanks!

  2. Aww i wont be home intill like 9:30 :( Can someone record it for me? lol
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  3. The Empire MineCast will record the event from up top. If anyone wants to record from the crowd, feel free to send it to me!
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  4. Darn, I'll be at the airport! :mad:
  5. i sell sulphur at 7075 on smp3 if you need gunpowder for more tnt :)
  6. ill record from the crowd
  7. Sounds fun, I try to make it and I sent 2k so you can buy more TNT don't know of that will help but why not couldn't hurt
  8. Just now sent you the R for some Tnt
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  9. I'm on an expedition into the wild on smp3 at the moment :p PM me here on the site if you'd like to figure out a deal.
  10. well u can go on a diffrent sever and we can trade.
  11. I'll be on smp1 in like 10 seconds. I'll pay 10 each for as much as you have.
  12. Jabr can you do it at 8:15? My parents let me get on AFTER 8pm so I would need time to warm up the recorder and junk :D
  13. sure.

    NEW TIME IS 8:15!
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  14. Also, please consider selling or donating sulphur to me! thanks!
  15. Will do my good friend!
  16. Starts soon come on out!!!
  17. Hey just letting know that you should hop on Aikar's mumble server,
  18. 5 mins until fireworks! res 201 on smp1, just back up across the street!

    Please donate TNT so we can have a longer show!