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  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm hosting a birthday BBQ right now as I have just turned 15! Please don't bring too many presents:s.

    The BBQ is being hosted on SPM3 in the wilderness, follow these instructions to get there.

    1. Join
    2. (optional) buy some cookies from /v 6252 to take on the way, it's only a 1 minute trip though :).
    3. say /wild and go to the EAST outpost from spawn.
    4. walk WEST from the outpost and swim straight across the small sea gap, (only around 30 seconds)
    5. you should find the table and BBQ set up :).

    Or if you are un-confident and want to see where I am, go to and click on my name on the right hand side, zoom out a bit and you should see me and the table set up. See you there, free food for everyone! Please come and make my birthday a good day, i love you all<3
  2. <brings the Butter
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  3. Haha, bring what you like :). I just would love people to actually come to this for my birthday. it would make me so happy :)
  4. I been on in about 4 hours or so but not for long
  5. Oh, the BBQ is on now so you might miss it, sorry :S, but two people have already turned up, wheres everyone else! :)