Birthday AMA

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  1. So uh yeah. I'm turning 15 on February 2nd (yes, my birthday is on Groundhogs Day) and I decided to do what everyone does, an AMA! So yea ask away!
  2. Do you like raw meat???( i love it :D).
  3. Cant say I have ever had raw meat lol. Id imagine I would not like it.
  4. Have you ever traveled out of your home country for an extended period of time?
  5. Nope, always wanted to though.
  6. Do you think I'm pretty?
  7. No, I think you are beautiful :)
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  8. 1. What inspired your name?
    2. What is your favorite time of stew?
    3. What is your favorite mob, the Mooshroom?
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  9. 1.- I got my first xbox account from switching from ps3 (on ps3 my name was headshotkilla4) at the time my mother did not approve of the name so had me use the random name generator to find this name, which I now use for everything xD.

    2. favorite time of stew? uh.... i dunno.

    3. My favorite mob is actually the slime....
  10. :O Slime is one of my favorites as well! :p
    What is your favorite slime size? >:D
  11. Do you like people who hate you and disrespect you?
  12. Cant say I like them, but I dont hate them back either. :p

    smallest size :)
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  13. Did you really think you'd pass me?
    What is da Stew's real name?
    What address should I send the flowers to in lieu of birthday :p
  14. 1- Yes :(
    2- Corey
    3- 1234 Confidential road
  15. 1. Are we getting 6 more weeks of winter?
    2. Is it peachy down in Florida?
    3. Is the answer to this question negative, rather than affirmative?
  16. 1- Im not a groundhog, I cannot tell.
    2- define peachy. :p
    3- stop confusing me D: