Birthday + 1stYear AMA Givaway

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  1. Since the 3rd was my birthday and the 5th was my first anniversery here in the Empire, I've decided to celebrate with an AMA and a sweet givaway! Go ahead and ask me anything, whether it be, "Have you ever chopped down a tree?" or "How much do you weigh?"

    As for the givaway, ask for a number between 1 and 16, I'll put your name next to it. At 3 o' clock or when all of the numbers are taken, I'll reveal the winning number. Winner gets a double chest of Heal II potions and 3000 rupees, and some l33t enchanted weapons/tools!
    Come to 10615 at smp5 to pick up your loot.

    4. BobTheTomato9798
    9. Nilex92
    10. princebee
    11. Jcplugs
    12. Ahzeriel
    13. Qwerty189
  2. 13 please, What is the deal behing your sig, and first! :D
  3. 12 please! Why did you choose your IGN? :)
  4. As for the quotes, I choose something random and I change it every week, give or take a few days. They're inside jokes usually. As for the gifs, I was playing Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers Revenge one day and I saw them (it) in a win animation. I was like, "That's adorable!" so I ripped the textures and made a nifty gif out of em.
  5. I chose SleepyPK because I've been a chronic insomniac for bout' a decade. The PK means Psychokenesis, I used that instead of numbers because I like the Mother series of games. It was originally going to be "SpookyPK", but I felt "Sleepy" was more me.
  6. Any number please:3
    What's your home sever?
  7. 9 plox, Double congrats! ;)
    Dunno wut to ask : /
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  8. 10 please :p Explain the Avatar...
  9. I started on smp5 10615, It's still my res today. Btw I gave you 11.
  10. I drew a cute Jason Voorhees because I'm an avid Friday the 13th fan. He was originally going to ride a dolphin, but I decided to be lazy and add a green background.
  11. Any number pwease!

    Do you like tomatoes?
  12. Yes, especially those named Bob.
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  13. And the Winner is...
  14. Jcplugs! Come to 10615 for your prizes!