Biome plugin for the Empire!

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Do you want a Biome plugin, to get ONE biome in the towns?

Yes, This plugin should be used! 6 vote(s) 66.7%
No, I like those murky colors all over my residence 3 vote(s) 33.3%
I Don't Know 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hey peeps,

    i want to ask you all a question: Dont you hate those different biome colors running trough your residence?? Dont you want a plugin to stop all of those stupid green n grey biomes entering your res, and making it ugly?

    This plugin can fix it. Justin, could you please look into this, coz the biomes are ruining parts of Utopia as well. I'd like to hear your opinions!

    It went from this:
    javaw 2012-01-14 17-24-11-59.jpg

    To This:
    javaw 2012-01-14 23-58-41-61.jpg
  2. Note that this plugin doesn't actually change the biomes, it doesn't change water color or leaves grass colors.
  3. But justin, could you please try and fix this D:?
  4. Fixing this could cause collateral damage, such as if he removed those things , he could not just, remove them, it would probabley destroy most things you had underground and might tamper with your buildings.
  5. But its only the color, and its biome controlled, so fixing the biomes or completely remove biomes, and then replace the ''biome colored'' grass with new grass, might change it to normal grass ?

    But its so freaking ugly D: Those biome colours
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  6. Anyone else that might know how to fix this :D??? Please post a reply =p
  7. I am sorry the reason no one has made a plugin like this is they (MC) have not provided an easy way to do so. I agree with you and I am always keeping an eye out for a way to fix this.
  8. does the new superflat mode have biomes?
  9. Hmmm thats a great question, I will look into that :)
  10. It does not. :) It uses its own generation code that uh... doesn't include biomes.
  11. i sense inspiration in crazy and justin's posts :D
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  12. I know how to fix it, dig up the grass, and replace it with its dirt, and let the grass of the biome you want, spread over it.
  13. Really that works?
  14. Grass is biome-compliant
    It doesn't search for what kind of grass it spread from, it textures a color associated to the biome the grass grew in to. :)
  15. cant tell if thats a "yes it works" or "no, it won't"
  16. I have no idea, but it should, I tried it before in survival, and pine grass grew in a plains biome.
  17. Hmm, will try that Historian :) And Justin, I think implementing the superflat code for biome generation should theoretically work, who knows though, you might have to play around with it a bit :/