Bingles11 new shop! please read!

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  1. Hi guys just want to let you all know about my shop on SMP3, it'll help me out allot if you could check it out and hopefully buy a few things! If anyone could donate you will be put up on my donator wall! every little helps =) Tell me what you think about the shop and just ask if you want the price changed because I am flexible! Thanks Bingles11 :D
  2. You should move this to the Community Marketplace. This does not belong here.
  3. twinchicken86 is right. You should move this or people may not find it. Also it does not belong here.
  4. If this is an attempt at trying to get yourself advertised everywhere, it WILL NOT WORK. Most people will see this and think that you are a person who will go to any length (including spamming a forum) to get people to buy your items. Anyone with any common sense will not go to your shop because they will be fully convinced that you are a greedy person.

    P.S. Just be patient. I had a shop for about a week and sold nothing, then the occasional person came through, and now I have a rather successful business. Give it a little time to get going.