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  1. I think that there should be a way to make a billboard or signs like that. (I am new in Empire Craft so if you can do that could you please tell me?)
  2. There are theoretically a few ways. One would be signs, which would be hard to read at a distance, and they unrender because they're entities. Another way would be regular blocks, which would be very low quality unless they're huge. A third way would be with maps, but those would also unrender, just like signs, and they could start causing lag, so I think billboards can't be added.
  3. Would you care to elaborate? Like how would they work?
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  4. What I mean is that you could like advertise or just make something for fun on them and they could be pretty big.
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  6. you could do it with woolart. i did that once to advertise my (non-minecraft) website. made a huge ad out of wool on my res.