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  1. I am renting out a billboard on the side of my building on my plot in smp2. Advertisements are 30r per day for the entire board, 15r for half of it. If you would like an ad, please pm me
  2. post a pic of it
  3. 2013-02-02_20.46.07.png View attachment 11880
    This is the giant billboard. It is 10 blocks long by 8 blocks high. It will be taller next week. I plan to make it 12 blocks high by 16 blocks long
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  4. I would like to rent this. 2427 SMP1 Cheap Stone,Cobble,and Stonebricks.
  5. Do you want all the board, or half? If half, do you want it vertical or horizontal?
  6. So how would this be done?
    Just with a lot of signs?
  7. It can be, or they can have a design of blocks to make the ad.
  8. What kind of traffic comes through this billboard?
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