Biggest Stonemason in Empire Minecraft!

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  1. Hello guys, my name is John McPraise (Durrill) and i have a huge ambition :

    To become the biggest Stonemason and have my own Quarry in Server 4.
    I am a new player, joined Today 27 January 2012 and i thought i will share this with you guys. And also update this thread daily.

    My goals are :

    To offer 'Stone' in all the possible forms at the cheapest price possible.
    To create the biggest Quarry/Stonemason Hut on my residence.
    To share my stats and progress on the forums everyday.

    If you want to help out you can donate shovels and pick axes! Thank you.

    The humble beginning of a mining session in the northern Wilderness!
    Stonemason Screenshot 1.jpg
    7000 Cobble Stone mined, 80% of it donated to Diamond_Hunter33 for his tower project! (You should check him out)
    17280 Dirt shoveled on my residence.
    Started at 18:00 and stopped at 23:05. Stonemason Screenshot 2.jpg

    Hello guys! I havent posted too much around here but i have been a little bit active on the server.
    Shoveled over 30k blocks of dirts and made them available free at my place (8660)! And i also calculated and i have to dig around 130k more. Stonemason Screenshot 3.jpg
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  3. I'm better.I'm the Empires resident conspiracy theorist.
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  4. GOOD luck from me & visit me on 3477 on smp2 if u wanna
  5. hmm how many copies of catcher in the rye do you have?


    and welcome to the empire durrill!
  6. What texture pack you have durrill? it loks cool.
  7. Appament you have 2 write what yuo want at the bottom of page or els he wont C the mesage & dont press reply
  8. thankyou for your forum posting tips, i will keep them in mind for the future.

    I did an edit because instead of posting a complete new message because i felt like a tool. I was reading about a stone mason and a new person and wanted to welcome them, then I read silly white mage's post and it made me laugh and i forgot what i was doing. yes i get distracted easily.
  9. This is great! Once you're set up, Ill be coming by to buy all that stone ;D I'm going to need a ton for my project...
    Good luck with your residence!
  10. I didn't keep count before the censor took them away.
  11. I'm Empires resident multiple personality guy.
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