Biggest solar storms for six years create spectacular northern lights

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  1. Would central Alberta get to see it?
  2. JESUS CHRIST!!!! i was watching a tv show, and they said a space academy concluded this would show the beginning of the end of the world!!!! i thought it was FAKE!!!!!!???????????
  3. The world wont end.
  4. i hope so, but it was the conclusion of scientists and students at a HIGH-LEVEL science academy......
  5. I love the northern lights and hope to see them in person one day. These photo's are incredible though, what a magnificent sight.
  6. No one, and I mean NO ONE, can say when the world will end.
  7. i hope not!
  8. If anything, it will end in 5 billion years, when sun burns out.
  9. ................. i doubted that many people knew about that too......
  10. Gorgeous! I am still amazed by the universe, even with all the doom and gloom that is favored by the retards of the world... I hope the world does end this year so that my offspring do not have to suffer the torment of this terrible world society that has developed based on fear, greed and war! I for one am sick of the b/s..
  11. if your talking about me, *beep* you.....

    lol, jk.

    but some of the stuff said is stupid....
  12. I am venting about my dislike of the current world.. I am in a bitter mood. :mad:
    I f*****g hate the world as it is and what it is becoming. I still hope something changes soon before the whole world is destroyed or at least that my offspring go quickly so that they must not suffer this social injustice...
    I love my family and for that I do not like to see them suffer.
    Soon, we will go to war with Iran, the true beginning of "The Rapture" IMO...
  13. exactly my thoughts
  14. Wow, those are some pretty lights in the sky! :)
  15. pls don't talk about the world will end it makes me scare I'm too young to die I'm just 12:eek:

    oh yeah and pretty nice pictures i also want to see this in real life
  16. Seeing the lights is on my bucket list, hopefully its during a solar storm haha
  17. don't worry, the world won't end until patch 1.2. then it will need to be reset to add jungle biomes.
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