Biggest donation war ever

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  1. So I go to my res and see that rdmaster donated 2r more than my original top donater Manglex. So I changed the sign and told Manglex and he was all like "No way!" and donated a bit more. I announced this battle of back and forth but then other supporters were coming in.This got very intense as I had to get more signs and change the top donater one over and over again. This all happened on smp8 just now and i went from 4k to 51k in under 30 min. This is me laughing and cheering on as they keep donating :D. I think it just ended but this has been the biggest donation battle ever on EMC. Come to my res on smp8 by doing /v jmister. see where the war took place and see how much money i gained from the donater's war!
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  2. :( wish that happened to me :D
  3. I always donate :D
    I always donate more than SecretAznEks. He donates 5k i donate 14k
    He donates 26k i donate 30k :D
  4. can you donate to me :D i also have a good shop on smp6, 12943
  5. I would but im afraid of mice
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  6. :( pretty plzzz, im not a mouse, im MistroMouse :D
  7. Im afraid of anything with the word mouse in it
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  8. Oh yeah! We made him go from 4k-50k in about 30 minutes. We we're all laughing SO hard. :p
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  9. Maybe doing that to me too? xD
  10. Are you also afraid of food?
    You can't be because your name is TheSpyPie. :D
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  11. Wait...
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  12. When I first read this this, I thought: I wonder if there is any gray text.....
  13. Hope you're not afraid of terrorists...
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  14. I wud like some Muneh please.

    Someone sole me a single cheat f diamond spades swords axes hoes an picks. I r broke.
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  15. wow.... a beg-turned thread.....

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  16. My new goal:
    Find every single place that TSP has donated and do whatever I can to beat him.
    This. Is. SPARTA!!
    *pulls out wallet*
  17. TSP, donate to me now!
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  18. Hope you can find where i donated 70k
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  19. im in a donation war :p
  20. i needs money too XD