Big Store on Utopia Server

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  1. Hello Everyone! I'd like to introduce a good Utopia Store with food, resouces, enchantment, and more! If you like to visit this good res go to /v 5153! You can also get to rent a space for a store for 1000r per month!Trust me...Me and Gnyctk have a good store, following by Dojodo! If you want to rent a store, PM Dojodo! I hope you visit! See you there (if i'm there...) :D
  2. Hello Everyone!Im Pinkiex13 in Empire Minecraft Smp2 Visit 3244 For A great Expirence of a lifetime!I Have games and a shop at RangerBpy139,Sadly he got banned for no reason help to unbann him!I forgot to say the shop is very cheap!My Job is at 5chris100's res so visited and ask for me!If you live in another smp dont worry,im sure we will figure out a day we can meet thx alot!Remeber smp2,A very nice,expirencing,fun place to be so join now!:):p:D
    If Your bored just join empire minecraft smp2 where when the [I]sun[/I] is there the [I]fun[/I] is there!
  3. I wish i could join that smp but i cant!
  4. Non-supporters can go on Utopia Town. You just can't claim a lot or go to the Wilderness or Nether.
    The address is
  5. I think you mean RangerBoy139. According to /p rangerboy139 he was banned for PVP. He is the only person that can request to have his ban appealed. He needs to read this post
  6. I was pleasantly surprised by this shop -- very nice work! I think it's great to finally see some larger shops popping up on on Utopia :D