Big Ole Diamond/Enchanting Shop

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  1. The following picks are for sale:

    Efficiency IV, Silk Touch I - 10,000 Rupees
    Silk Touch I - 9,000 Rupees
    Fortune III, Efficiency IV - 7,500 Rupees

    I also have 1,000 Diamonds for sale for the price of 45,000 Rupees.

    PM me on the site if you wish to purchase any of the above.

  2. Im not sure if the Silk touch I and Eff IV is worth it
  3. Only pick left is the Silk Touch I.

    I still have all of the diamonds.
  4. Could you lower that price?
  5. Trust me, it's a fair price. Other shops sell Silk Touch I for 10k
  6. Stranger Danger :eek:
  7. wut?
  8. he said trust me
  9. Oh yeah, I sold the diamonds too so now Silk Touch I only, 9k FIRE SALE
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  11. On topic posts only, please.
  12. Bumpity bump, still have that Silk Touch I for 9K!