Big long plan's and changes :) and :(

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  1. 2014-12-11_11.36.07.png Hello, I have many project's going on I am quitting all of them due to much busyness. I will be starting a monthly build res. I will have a res with 4 types of colored sheep every month the color's that I need for the monthly build. Please if you're planning to use the wool that you got from me sell back to chest's please. I will also be starting a giant shop on smp3 (still deciding can be smp4). I will also have a farm
    on smp4/smp3 far away from shop for less lag. I need volunteer's for the monthly build res. This month
    Christmas tree.
    Ok so I will also have a firefloor under the wool farm whatever but Thanks.

    Please I need volunteer's The image you see was in EMC
  2. The monthly build is on smp5 and so is the farm at /v +monthlybuild wool farm at /v +monthlywool
    Another comment will be made for when the tp's are official:D
  3. Sorry once again I need to drop the shop project wool thing will go too I have no clue what to do with my reses any ideas?