big help needed in smp1 wastelands center

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by SaizoTheFifth, May 19, 2013.

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  1. ok I went to try the new wastelands and then my pick brock and I ran out of food if an admin can at least give me a temporary pick to use it would help thx
  2. Sorry an admin can't just give you a pick. You will have to find your way back to spawn and then go get some more food from your res and head back out. I know this is irritating but it must be done.
  3. im stuck underground and im punching stone with my fists its gonna take me like 2.5 hours to get out so I need that little support:(
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  4. plus if im stuck I cant play empire because im diging a hole in a cave
  5. 2 sticks can help a lot too
  6. find a mineshaft, get wood, and make a pick. done.
  7. As sad as that is, when you go mining, it is expected to keep plenty of resources such as wood and iron to make a backup pick if necessary.
  8. When he doesn't have a pick? :confused:
  9. well I hav some diamond so I can make a pick but I got no wood I was over whealmed
  10. Thats what I call bad luck...
    Sadly, an admin can't help you, you will have to get out for yourself ^_^
  11. I got no wood! Classic
  12. enderchests can help because I can put my valuables in it and comit suicide
  13. Well next time just plan ahead and bring more than expected in case scenarios like this occur. But don't expect help from admins .
  14. Ok STOP, i am coming to get you
  15. If you we're mining just get out the way u came in......
  16. Mod Please close this thread, he is safe at tow now.
  17. ok I got help from Qwester but thx for the help!
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Not open for further replies.