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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by jmister, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. For some reason my friend made a passage way out of my secret home base in wild and I got griefed. I don't know who it is and there are no mods and they are not doing there job and helping me. I'm relly pissed off right now and I need to ask you this. Why do you make us pay 1,000 rupees just to protect your chest it should be free because griefing is not allowed AT ALL. It's idiotic to put a price on protection if it's breaking the rules. I demand That chest protection should be free or cost alot less money and I wan't someone's help to catch whoever has done this to me!
  2. First of all mods are doing a great job.
    The Wild is BIG.
    Grefiing will happen because people well, you know.

    If chest were protected for free you would see people using them to block mineshafts, to deny entrance to other, like mob spawners,
  3. It's actually 500 rupees because you get half back when you remove the sign. Additionally, no offense intended but your demands aren't worth the time it took you to type them. The admins ultimately responsible for the decision probably won't be swayed by your calling them "idiotic" either. The point of the charge for locked chests is to keep from having the wild filled with millions of locked chests that no one uses or cares about.

    Private message a moderator who is online (or me if time isn't of the essence) with information like the coordinates of the griefing and we can look into it.
  4. I agree. The wilderness would be over run with locked chests. People would build houses out of them and no one could get in.
  5. I went to my neighbors house in the wild too and he also got griefed i just can't find a nice place without traveling far! It gets me so mad to see these people who don't understand the meaning of empire minecraft
  6. One of the first things I would do (if I weren't a mod) would be to build a wall around the wilderness spawn and outposts made out of locked chests. Then I could enjoy the wilderness all to myself.
  7. Sorry for the rage everyone but I should just leave it alone right now because It probably happened awhile ago.
  8. 1. Mods aren't on the servers all the time but they have Square which will help them see chat and reports. If you send them a PM and tell them what happened they will answer. When they need to step in they will step in and do the job.

    2. You should probably edit out the cursing.

    3. Unless you have screenshots proving who did the griefing then they can't help you.

    4. If chest protection was free then the world would be spammed with chests.

    5. Demanding stuff won't really get you anywhere.
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  9. You could do that. And you just break one to get back to town to sell all the diamonds.
  10. There is not one curse word That I see in my little story of rage.
  11. My suggestion to you is this. If you are planing to put effort into a wild base, put the effort into walking out far. It works. walked passed a guy 21k blocks out, no protected chests (I used his house during the night), and nothing was damaged. It was a beautiful house, and it looked like they put in hours. But they also put in the time to walk out really far.
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  12. Look harder you will find it.
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  13. There is none? I checked an rechecked unless you consider pissed a curse.
  14. ^This is taken directly from the Empire Guide. If you build in the wild, do so expecting you will be grieved. I'm sorry this happened to you, but you just need to be aware of the dangers of building anywhere except town.
  15. I don't consider pissed a curse word but if any of you do then I am sorry
  16. I interpreted this like so (Includes a free lesson in grammar!):

    I.E. "I am super important why are the mods not helping me and only me and not on Minecraft every waking second just to satisfy ME? What was that? They're just volunteers and not paid to do this? Well I'm still more important!"

    *It's "Their" not "There".

    Because if it were free it would be too easy for lifeless griefers to put up millions of lock signs and riddle the land with ugly locked boxes. The fee is there to limit the availability of these infamous [LOCKED] signs which can only be destroyed by Sr Staff, admins, and the sign placer.

    I.E. "Justinguy, the guy who coded our plugins and made it this way, is IDIOTIC for putting a price on protection!"

    Demand? What are we your slaves? We're volunteers and are in no way obligated to actually help you or change a thing on your behalf. Your attitude is deplorable and is no way to get a moderator's attention.

    **"That" Does not have to be capitalized.
    ***It's a lot, not alot. Do you say acheeto, or agram, or even apiece of baloney? Don't say "alot".
    ****No need for an apostrophe in "Want" unless you were actually trying to saying "wa not".
    *****Someone's = Someone is. Let's put this in context with your post.
    Doesn't make much sense, does it?

    TL;DR Seeing how you look at us as your slaves I will make it a point to not help you. Sorry.
  17. Yes I do.
  18. Ok I'm sorry for what I did and I accept your grammar nazi way. This was awhile ago, I'm over it now and what I said wasn't good at all I know that now thank you for your time.
  19. You "Demanding" never gets you anywhere..
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