Big error in my res

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  1. Hello, I've do a res reset but my intention is to reset flag... We have a method to revers it?
  2. /res default

    You just erased your builds from existence for no reason because you didn't read the Empire Guide. Contact the mods to see if they can set back your res, but I don't think they even have the power to do that.
  3. perhaps contact a mod and they can help you get your res rolled back not all is lost
  4. Unfortunately we don't operate any rollback feature on EMC servers, your lot is gone I am afraid.
  5. =( thought there was
  6. well hope you had nothing too important on your res or nothing that isn't easily replaced perhaps next time look over the flags in the guide before messing with them
  7. Thx but no moderator is online...
    And sorry but I speak french I don't understand all I read. :S
  8. I was right :(
  9. Nope sorry.

    That's why we force the resetting player to confirm the command with '/res reset confirm', which is written/directed in a warning message once '/res reset' is typed.
  10. Emc ne permet pas de fonctionnalité de restauration de sorte que vous res est maintenant permanetly delted j'espère que vous n'avez pas quelque chose d'important sur ​​vos res qui ne sont pas faciles à remplacer désolé, je n'aurais pas pu vous aidé plus
  11. bad english, bad decision :S
  12. I've work with 3 guys today and pay for help and I've loose my work.. so.. I'll contact moderator If he can do something or, I'll stop be suporter and leave emc.
    Thx for your help.
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  13. That should be a movie.
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  14. ...Shaunwhite1982 is senior staff. He's way higher up in EMC than the mods. I'll quote his post:
    Looks like somebody is leaving EMC for something that can easily be rebuilt. I've been griefed in the wild and rebuilt everything. More than once, and the occurances were daily happenings.
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  15. well not necessarily i have no idea what he had on his res but it must have been more than "easily" replaced
  16. I've perform many days of work on it
  17. In order to reset a person's residence we would literally need to roll back the server more than 24 hours (we do 24 hour daily backups). This would change EVERYTHING that was done in that time for everyone, in town and in the wild.

    We have a very strong warning about resetting your residence to where you have to confirm knowing what you're doing before doing it. I'm very sorry, but because of those facts, there is no way to get it back. I'm sorry if you feel you have to leave, and we wish you the best, but, we think that you'd have more fun here and could go on learning from the mistake to not happen again.
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  18. Town = Shops for supplies EVERYWHERE.
    Wild = A few sheep, some trees, dirt and caverns beneath your feet.

    I built a mob grinder, a huge farm, a house, and had my own cavern for mining. The whole thing got griefed. It took me 2 hours to build the house, 1 minute to find the cavern, 4 hours to make the grinder and quite a few days to make the farm. It took me days to patch up the work, and then the wild reset was announced. I didn't leave EMC for that, so why should he leave for something missing from a 60x60 lot of land? Mine was about 100x150.

    I didn't leave because it's what I expected and is what I find fun.
  19. while all of those are valid facts not everyone is like you some just don't feel like rebuilding and would rather quit than rebuild
  20. Meh.
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