BIG enchant auction with 1 DC of stone brick.

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Good starting Price?

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  1. Starting bid:4k
    Min increments: 250r
    pickup is on 19247 smp9, payment is to be made to MHeller2017.
    Auction ends: 24 hours after last valid bid.
    Happy Bidding. :D

    Diamond chest blast protection 3
    Diamond chest Protection 3
    Diamond chest Fire Protection 1 Thorns 1

    Diamond Sword: Smite 3 (2)
    Diamond Sword: Knockback 1 Sharpness 2
    Diamond Sword: Smite 1
    Iron Sword Knockback 1 Bane of Arth 3

    Diamond Pick: Unbreaking 2 Fortune 1 Efficiency 2

    Efficiency 2
    Projectile Protection 3 (2)
    Fire Aspect 2

    1 DC of stone brick
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  2. Oops
    It was 10.25 k
  3. Golddigger221 wins with bid of 10.250k(check your inbox golddigger221) your chest is set up on smp9 19247. Please pay before pickup. Please notify me once you have so i may close this thread. When you spawn on my res go to public area 1st floor, and near the doorway you will see the 2 chests with your name on it.
  4. One week to pickup golddigger or technology geek wins by default with 10k.
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