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  1. I would like to pose a auction for a map of the smp4 stronghold I would like to start the bid at 300 rupees this is a unique item it's the only one on smp4 , I would also be happy to show the winner were the end portal and stronghold is only smp4 ( only if I'm around when your on ) let the bid begin!!!!!!! :) EDIT: bid ends new years day good luck
  2. I know where the stronghold and portal are on SMP4. I was one of the six that killed the ender dragon.
  3. i know where it is too, i could start my own auction, you do realize that right?

    but, i wont. just letting you know that anyone could auction off the location.....
  4. I'm not auctioning the location I'm auctioning the map of the stronghold not the location I'm offering to show the person if they want to see it as well
  5. oh, ok.

    but remember, anyone who knows the location could do the same thing :/
  6. It isn't that valuable. It's just someone being lazy, too lazy to find their way around the stronghold themselves.
  7. yeah, i agree with supermaster110
  8. The aution has been cancelled as the map was lost whilst under transportation from the stronghold ( blame the spider )
  9. So it was an in-game map? I guess when you die, value is lost.