Betting on Horses In a Horse Race

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  1. Hi, so i was wondering, when 1.6 comes out i was thinking of holding a horse race (building a track, etc.) and allowing people to bet on certain horses. It will all be legit, with redstone powered gates, and a few people who act as judges to determine the winner. I was wondering if this is allowed on emc, prodived it follows these EMC Gaming Regulations (

    If its allowed, then who thinks this is a good idea? If its not allowed, then perhaps the idea can be altered to follow the rules or something. Any thoughts?
  2. Good idea, chasca approved
    10/10 would rate again

  3. As long as it follows these rules, I think you'd be fine. But I would check with a mod just to be safe.

    Also, that thread is outdated.
  4. yeah thats what i was thinking, i was hoping a mod would get in on this conversation and approve it or something.
  5. I'm pretty sure it still applies to 1.6 :)
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  6. 1 problem, with out riders, horses most likelie will take 1 hour to go 1 round...backwards
  7. In order to be a completely fair race, all horses should be handicapped by having the same speed value, otherwise the race will always be biased towards the fastest horses. As long as the rules for gambling are followed, this could be a fun game. :)

    If you wish to run gambling games, you must do the following:
    Put up a sign stating the odds of winning.
    Put up a sign stating the highest prize.
    Put up a sign stating that there is no guarantee of winning.
    Place these signs in plain view of the people participating in the gambling game.

    The odds for winning in this case would be 1/n, where n = the number of riders/racers.
    A box trifecta would be a nice win. :)
  8. Don't worry bro you won't be the only one with this :). People been talking about it since before the 1.6 release :p. I wonder how hard it will be to get all horses to have the exact same stats. Since eggifying them don't change their stats :p. So you needa go into wasteland ._. or breed if you have 2 +.