BETA Keys!

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  1. Hey all!

    I recently got some keys for a game in BETA. Just guess the game for your chance to win a key! All you have to do is reply to this with your guess and follow me :)

  2. My guess its the Elder Scrolls Online! and I already got my Beta Key from Jeffoofoo. But the game is taking 5ever to download
  3. You got it right xD And yeah it does take ages to download.
  4. Somebody can still win though!
  5. Elder Scrolls Online. :/
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  6. Well all you have to do is follow me then it's all yours! :D
  7. Buying followers is not allowed.
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  8. Having been in the last three betas... not worth it. Not worth the download time or the DISK space.

    Zenimax learned nothing from the lessons SWTOR should have taught them, and Bethesda's best franchise will be tarnished as a result.
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  9. You might want to change that spelling of disk :p
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  10. GAH! Fixed >_<
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  11. I'm not buying followers :/
  12. Here, my only one remaining, for free:

    If you find this waste of HDD space worth your time... My internet sucks and I don't really plan to play this game, after all... If I hadn't had such high hopes when I got my initial key, I would have 2 to give.
  13. You technically are if your asking for them. I wish it was Titanfall. :(
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  14. I'm not and I've played Titanfall :p