[Bet Your Cash] World Cup 2014 FC Inc. Bets

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  1. Heya Guys
    I will be hosting a betting service.
    Don't you feel like using your real money on this, well, this is for you - Bet with your rupees!
    Maximum Bets 10,000R
    Minimum Bets 100r
    1 = home team win, X = tie, 2 = away team win
    The number under the 1 shows how many money you will get back. If you bet 1000r on home team, and they win and it's a 2,50 you will get 2500r
    How to play:
    You will have to goto the residence /v 1011 on SMP1. Buy a piece of paper, and then pay me what you want to bet. The price of the paper is gonna be 100r because that is the minimum bet.
    For a bet to be legit, you must have posted in this thread what you are betting for and i must have recieven a payment to the profile Faithcaster.
    ~Available Bets~
    Brazil vs. Germany
    1 - x - 2
    2,75 - 3,15 - 2,70
    Both teams score?
    Yes - No
    2,00 - 1,72
    Who will score the first goal?
    1 - no goals (90min) - 2
    2,15 - 6,40 - 2,15
    Go bet at /v 1011 @ SMP1 - I am online most of the time, if I am not, please PM me for any questions you may have.
  2. JMB6362 has made a 500r bet on Brazil as matchwinner. If they do that, he will win 1375r! Good luck!