Best xp farm?

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  1. Hello,

    I have never made an cup farm on multiplayer and I make a good sky trap that gets to level 30 in 8mins on single player. Wondering if it will work as good or if there are other designs that are better for zip farming on MULTIPLAYER
  2. Blaze Grinders.
  3. Damn afraid of that how quick do you get to 30 with one of those
  4. Endertopia
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  5. I know of an enderman farm that can get you level 30 in 55 seconds.
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  6. Is there a public farm on endertopia
  7. Endertopia is the public farm on utopia. :p
  8. Well, Endertopia is a public farm.
    You can use /v et2 to get there, or the portal at spawn.
  9. Thanks what's the speed rate to level 30
  10. Depends on how long you wait. If you stand afk for a while, it could be a minute, or it could be much longer.
  11. The command to visit ender topics reverted back to being {/v endertopia}, this means in order to get to the original you have to walk although you may be able to type something like {/v oldendertopia} I wouldn't know why you would want to though ;)
  12. At endertopia if you're constantly killing and you're the only person there I would say around 10 minutes... Could be quicker could be slower ;)
  13. Ok cool thanks
  14. Yes, Blaze grinders and Endertopia may be the best XP options, but keep in mind that now that the survival update is out, getting XP and more loot could be easier with a plain old zombie or skeleton grinder, unless my facts are wrong and enraged mobs don't spawn using a mob spawner. :p
  15. Only gold and diamond supporters can use the endertopia farm?
  16. Correct.
  17. Fudgebiscuits. :mad:
  18. Like many people said, an Enderman Grinder is the most efficient and Endertopia is great for that.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think Blaze's give out twice as much XP compared to normal mobs - you just need the materials to build an efficient grinder.
  19. They don't. Plus, any grinders that you might think of making would be rendered useless as they have more health :)