Best Website Ever?

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  1. Ok in one of my other threads I mentioned this website, but... decided to make its own thread. Here is linkz:

    Post your fav artist or whatever :)
  2. I didnt want links to your favorite websites ever, this was to discuss
    mega facepalm.jpg
  3. oh....
  4. Well, I guess this is proof that people don't read the OP before posting? xD
  5. I read it and misunderstood it xD
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  6. I don't go on their website much. I use SoundCloud to get their network.
  7. My favorite artist is, of course, Vancet Vhan Goggly, The amazing painter! ( I got the name right, right? )

    Anyways, on that website, my favorite song is "Da Wild".... So I suppose, my favorite dubstep artist is Funk4Mation?
    ( Dunno who he is... )
  8. I just found it like 3 days ago, soundcloud I don't use much so I just use the site lol.
  9. Funk4mation is a newer artist there I believe, he has very few songs, but Da wild is an amazing one,
  10. With SC you get the entire network:
    -TrapMusic.NET <--
    -Dubstep.NET <--
    -Moombahton.NET <--
    -GlitchHop.NET <--

    Listen to the <-- the most
    I like AngerFist because of:
  11. How do I use soundclod in order to get access to all those at once?
  12. Just follow them.
  13. im going to post my favorite website anyways
    Electro.NET sounds like my kinda website:p
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