Best way to kill a Marlix

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  1. Hey gang,

    I decided to create another one of these threads.:rolleyes: Hopefully this will help new players also. I would like to know a better strategy than firing random amounts of arrows in the air and flailing my sword in the air hoping to get a good hit :p

    Btw: For some reason, I refuse to fight bosses below diff 8 xD

    Different methods for each terrain would be helpful also. So far, the one that I find easiest is the hills biome.....

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  2. The easiest is in a taiga full of trees. Spawn one on difficulty 7 in a taiga and bring a bed. The marlix will get stuck in the trees which makes it easier to hit.
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  3. Switch down to about difficulty one and smash it with your sword - easiest way ;)

    But in all seriousness - about difficulty 7 if you're comfortable with, some decent armour, decent sword if possible, definitely bring a bed with you... That's all I've got but I'm sure some others will have much more in depth tips for y'all :)
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  4. Yeah I fought one there and it was easy for about three minutes and then it got harder because the boss went over the trees so I couldn't reach it :p
    Got that covered thanks! :)
  5. The easiest biome for me is swamp. For some reason they fly really close to the surface of the water, making it easy to hit with both a sword and a bow. Also, in water the guardians won't be able to follow you, and with Depth Strider boots you can easily dodge all the arrows they shoot at you and follow Marlix wherever he goes.

    In other biomes I generally bring a pack of wolves (7-10 of them) with me. They'll scare the guardians away from you and deal a lot of damage to Marlix if he's close enough to the ground. Not to mention that they're gonna be easy targets, drawing the attention away from you.

    Marlix is not as strong as Momentus, so any diamond set should do the trick. Bring potions of Fire Resistance, Regeneration and Speed at least; if you want to try and hit it with a sword (to increase loot) also bring potions of Strenght II and Jump II. If you bring wolves with you I advise you to throw Splash Strenght II at them when Marlix is close to the ground, and if you care about their safety (I don't :p) give them fire resistance as well.

    Other than that, at least 2 packs of arrows (more if you know you've got bad aim).
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  6. Hmm never thought about the wolves tactic.....I'll try that! So wolves actually deal a lot of damage to the guardians? That's useful because the guardians are usually the ones who give me trouble :p
  7. Yeah, just dont do that close to the water. Guardians are cowards and will get to the water where the wolves can't hit them, and then they'll murder all your canines. Not a pretty thing to see :(
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  8. Bump! Great strategies! ;)
  9. Depth strider and respiration were indeed a life safer for me. Not only could I find an easy respite to heal and get out of the hail of arrows flung my way, But I also avoided the nasty sizzling of my textured skin. Really, A must it would seem, at least to make for "hunting gear" for marlix.

    Depth Strider and Respiration with Fire resistance gear. For sure key strategy. Also, as mentioned - A well placed bed helps just in-case death does occur. You can respawn a bit closer than the outpost.

    Something I have yet to try and bring with me is a water bucket... or a few of them... For no other reason than if we are not fighting around water - perhaps I can alter the Terrain in my favor.