Best way to hide your mob spawners?

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  1. wassup peoples.. Since the new wildy reset I know many more people are going to be making xp grinders..

    In this thread we are going to discuss how to hide your grinders from others.. This is important because people will steal or grief ur stuff. Or even worse destroy the spawner.

    Recently, My spawners were kind of griefed all of the powered rails were stolen on my interconnecting minecart system.. and also some of my chests had missing items.. LUCKILY, I had made a locked chest for me and mah friends who I trust and had silk touch pick and other stuff in der.

    So start thinking of ideas/ tips everything here will help people prevent griefing and stuff. :D
  2. Tip #1

    Watch out for creepers... sssssSSSSSSSS BOOM!!!!!!!!

    xp grinder, gone
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  3. Tip #2

    Use the environment around you to create false paths, almost like a maze leading to your grinder
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  4. ^^^ very useful if your spawner is a cave spider spawner in an abandoned mineshaft good job!

    Tip #3:
    conceal entrances with piston doors or some sort of block so people cant find entrance easily..
    1. underwater trap door
    2. piston door
    3.gravel/ dirt/ stone just blocking entrance trying to make it look as natural as possible
  5. I made an xp grinder, and there are 2 problems: the mobs glitch out of the holding area and hurt you, and since they made it so that the drops go in a pile, when you kill them, the xp all goes into 1 xp ball and you only get 1 xp point.
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  6. 1st of all: make holding pen 1 big and dont have block above open block glass it glitches mobs (from experience)
    2nd: i have the same problem with the drops JUSTIN please fix this i dont get the same amount of xp!! its so tiny and makes grinders almost worthless now!
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  7. That will work with regular mobs, but I have a cave spider spawner, any ideas how to fix that? Any ideas appreciated!
    EDIT: I also contacted Jeremy about the xp, he hasn't responded yet though.