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  1. I was just wondering, say I voted today at 4:00, and I wanted to keep my streak up, tomorrow, should I vote right before 4:00 for the ones that will allow it, then immediately after 4:00 for the ones that require a 24 hour wait? or just wait to vote for them all after four? The goal here is to keep the vote streak up. Thanks!
  2. You're allotted a total of 30 hours from your last vote til your streak ends. I tend to vote around noon at school so that if I forget I can do it after school.
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  3. That makes sense, but say you miss a day and vote after school, the next day you will have to wait at least 24 hours before voting again. Which sets the whole routine back, right?
  4. I would vote half in morning and half at night, so if you miss one you're all good.
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  5. I vote right before I check the forums every morning.
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  6. I don't vote on all of the websites at noon, I'll leave 1 or 2 as backups incase I wont be able to if you know what I mean. Don't vote for all of them at once, do half then half laer, and dont vote on 1 or something.
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  7. Thank you all for all the help, everybody's awesome :)
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  8. Vote for a couple in the morning, and a couple at night!
    That way, you will not have to worry about losing any vote streaks, and if something happens, the staggering of the votes will help out with the 30 hour window!

    Good luck! The streaks are well worth it!
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