Best thing ever!

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  1. Not surprised.
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  2. Epic! So funny.
  3. :mad: I actually got my hopes up!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. This is why I don't go on you-tube...
    I should of known though you can't push a piston.
  6. I was like "Aww... self-propelled flying machine? BOOORING!" and then I was like "Yes I LOVE This Song!!!"
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  7. wrong
    this is the best thing ever
  8. lol hahaha i did almost the same thing trapper. i was just curious to see it work, then it flips and i was like what?! reset it just to make sure my comp didn't spazz out lol. but yep love this song!!!
  9. You do know that Rick Rolling was only funny for approximately never, right?
    Also, it's self-propelled. Propellant is the stuff you put in to make said device go. :rolleyes:
  10. Fixed your post :D
  11. It wasn't broken. Don't troll me.
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  12. ok lets keep this to a joke thread not a troll thread.
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