Best sword enchantment ever?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Panteman, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Got this sword when I was enchanting, and it was a really nice suprise! Does anyone on EMC got another sword like this, or better? Please let me know if u know how much this is worth :)

  2. oh yes! that, that is a beast, you selling that?! i'll buy it off of you.
    i actually have a few of those i've bought because they are the best.
  3. :D Idk if Im selling it.. how much are they worth?
  4. i'd pay 20,000 for that.
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  6. Hmm I dont think I'm selling it, but if I would, I would probably make an auction, sorry
  7. Haha did u got that sword too? Cool
  8. Yeah! Sorry, I didn't mean to thread-jack or anything... I just thought it was an amazing coincidence!

    I got it when I enchanted about 24 hours ago; I just got around to listing it!
  9. Aha, no problem, Actually first time Im posting something and Im confused how this works ;)
  10. I auctioned one about a week ago with sharp IV not V, and got 35k for it.
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  11. Ohh, If I sell this sword I will auction it then ;)