Best. Song. Ever.

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  1. Agreed! :D
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  2. You don't understand I have been watching this all day and shouting GERING RING RING RING RING RING in the halls at school
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  3. Oh god, what the hell did my senses just get assaulted by? I think I need to listen to some Norma Jean now.
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  4. Nice to know im not the only one ;)
    I think I scared a few younger kids O_O
  5. O.O Thank you, good sir!
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  6. what does a fox say?
  7. You might think she's joking....she's not
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  10. I lost it at 1:06...
    That old man reading and the noise...
  11. What the heck is this. And ps I'm making a real children book like this in a few years
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  12. I think that old guy is president snow from hunger games movie
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  13. yea it made me loose it too xD
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  14. Lol! So funny! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  15. I've been watching this for the past 15 minutes
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  16. What the fox said? XD
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  17. thats my question too xD
    same here xD
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  18. I guess it's adaptions of "Old McDonald."

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