Best RPG Vocation in any Role-Playing Game?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Seberling, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. My favorite is Mage because they are the coolest. Tell me if you agree!
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  3. I'm probably always a ranged class as sort, absolutely love rangers ect ^^
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  4. ^^ Bet he played a huntard in WoW
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  5. LOL
  6. Princess-Saving

    'nuff said
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  7. Yep i did, Ranked 5th on my server :p Ranged All the way <3
  8. not a huntard if you are one of the best XD
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  9. If I can get my hands on a pike/halberd in any video game, I'll abuse it to death. Spear+Axe is totally worth it.

    A class, however, would depend on the RPG. I'm normally the destructive wizard or the "kung-fu guy." In Disgaea, I put my pledge on a Succubus; Fallout has a good amount of snipers I like using at times.
  10. Yea you are right. Some games offer completely different classes than others like "Martial Artist" or "Merchant" whereas some offer the classics: Mage, Warrior and Ranger.